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FREE Louisiana DMV Permit Practice Test Five 2018 | LA

Louisiana DMV Permit Test Fact Sheet:

How many questions:40
How many correct answers to pass:32
Passing score:80%
Minimum age to apply:14 3/4
No matter what you need a driving license for – to drive your family to a theme park or to find a better job – you’ll need to take a DMV Permit Test. There’s just no way around it, so get ready for it.
Welcome to our 5th interactive Louisiana permit practice test that we offer you to try for free. Yes, we’re serious – there are no payments applied and no registration required. Want to try? No problem – read the first multiple-choice question and the four answers provided. Click the best one and look at the left-hand side of the page – the progress bar will flash green if your attempt is successful. If it’s not, the bar will indicate it with the red color and you’ll be offered an explanation of your mistake – read it carefully, you might have a similar question on a real DMV test. Before you answer, try our hints – they can help you make a better choice (kindly note that a real DMV test doesn’t have any hints). Practice with us a long as you feel you need to produce a good result. Be sure that all the info in the test is up-to-date and based on the new official Louisiana Driver’s Guide, the most reliable reference source about traffic regulations to date.
If you find our LA permit practice test helpful, don’t keep your discovery to yourself – tweet your friends about it or just press the “Like” button above. Now hit the road to success – good luck!
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Passing score required at the LA DMV: 80%
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